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The recipe to be happy

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"You can't be unhappy when you have this: the smell of the sea, the sand under your toes, the air, the wind".


No, despite this title, this is not a website with motivational content or health advice. We are not going to recommend you miraculous ointments, revitalising diets, guided meditation or magic prayers...

Our recipe for happiness is much simpler than that. It simply consists of forgetting the rush, the hateful plannings and schedules, and setting course for the seashore. From there, just breathe, relax and let yourself go, you'll see!

Because, tell us: Who can be unhappy looking at a blue, blue, azure sky, seeing crystal clear waters, listening to the whispering sound of the waves, and caressed by a warm sun and the gentle sea breeze? Who?

There is no therapy that beats this. This treatment we propose has it all: relaxation, exercise, detoxification, reflexology, vitamin D... The water of our beaches could almost be said to be holy water.

If you add good company and a cold beer, you will add happiness to your life. You might even add two years of life to your existence. (Well, the latter is not proven by any scientific study, but we are sure of it).

On this occasion, the therapy was tested where the wind took us, which was in some marvellous corners of the coast of Fuencaliente, in the south of the island. Although it is true that there is nothing written about tastes, what is more certain is that we will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever recommend something that we have not tried before. And the treatment worked for us.

In these parts, a must is La Zamora Beach (made up of Playa Chica and La Zamora Grande), which is accessed by the Las Indias road. It is sheltered under a cliff and protected by a set of marine rocks. If the beach is not enough of an attraction, just above you will find the Kiosco La Zamora , which offers fresh fish dishes and privileged views. But this beach is not the only place that Fuencaliente offers us to enjoy the sea and the beach days. We will be discovering more...

Don't say you wouldn't be happy to end the day with a picture like this...