Registration or check-in is the time at which guests enter our Vacation Home, as well as everything related to arrival.

When we speak Departure or check-out we refer to the departure of guests once they have enjoyed their stay in our home.


The Check-In of our homes as a general rule is done at 5:00 p.m. (local time), unless it has been agreed with the client another hour, before or after, but always with mutual agreement between the client and the host.

Check-In involves several actions.

  • First a prior communication with the client, when he will be told how to get to the house, he will be informed if he has a free parking space and its location.
  • It will also inform you of the possibility of renting a car with our Rent a Car arranged through a promotional code.
  • Reception. The host will receive the client at the agreed time. The operation of the house and its particularities will be explained and a set of keys will be delivered.
  • Information about the area, restaurants, beaches and leisure activities.
  • Each home has an emergency file with emergency telephones, police and firefighters, as well as the situation of fire extinguishers, emergency exits, smoke detectors, etc ...


The Check-Out of our homes as a general rule is done at 12:00AM (local time).

The customer must check that all windows are closed, lights off, take out the trash.

Leave the house key in the place established for it.

Close the access door to the house.

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