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Wonders of La Palma - El Charco Azul


How can you explain that feeling when you arrive at a place you fall in love with? LA PALMA is like that, every corner surprises you and becomes embedded in your retina.

If you don't know the beautiful island, come and you won't stop loving it. Within our "top places to fall in love with". you can't miss the BLUE CHARCOAL in San Andrés y Sauces. Possibly the most visited natural pool on the island.



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One of our favourite places and one of our favourite places with the Bar Cantina El Charco Azul of our friend Jesus.


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See all the services offered by El Charco Azul here.

Little by little we will be discovering the wonders hidden in La Palma.



Happily lost in the boondocks of La Palma

The Fifth Pine is a popular expression that has ended up being used to define a place that is far away. But today we refer, not to the expression, but to the restaurant El Quinto Pino, which is in the municipality of Fuencaliente, in the south of La Palma. It is not that far away from anything, but it is a place to get lost. To lose sight of your worries and see everything from a different perspective.

Lately many of our walks and adventures end up in Fuencaliente. Every time we go there, Fuencaliente has a lot to offer! So - as we have all the time in the world - instead of getting caught up in talking about several places at the same time, we are going to take it easy, corner by corner.

It's been a while since we've been to this restaurant. What a big mistake! It won't happen again! Our plan came about after seeing a poster on the networks announcing: "Chillout atmosphere, sunset, tapas, cocktails, and the participation of Victoria, the troubadour of the south, magical and intense poetess". I admit that although I was looking forward to the plan, I was a little sceptical about the whole "magical and intense poetess" thing, but I said: "Well, at least they warn us, and he who warns is not a traitor. Let's get carried away and see what it's all about".

At around seven-something in the evening we got there, with our bodies both tired and relaxed, still covered in salt after a great day at the beach. It can be said that we were going with a predisposition to enjoy ourselves. And this is very important. With the passing of time I have come to realise that, in almost any situation, they can offer you gold and silver or the stars and the moon, but if you don't go with an open mind and predisposition, nothing good is going to happen! This may sound like a very silly thing to say, but even so, remember it and keep it in mind.

Tasca La Marmota: An essential summer in La Palma

Alternative and casual style in Tazacorte.

We love La Marmota. This small tavern is a place to pamper the soul and the palate. A fun and informal décor and a terrace from where you can see a lush landscape of banana trees and the sea in the background make it the ideal place to generate that wonderful holiday feeling.

Among the gastronomic offerings of this great little place we find: natural juices, beers, local wines; a variety of cocktails (gins, mojitos, sangria, and many others, with and without alcohol); a menu based on tapas that includes dishes off the menu. The vegan and vegetarian burgers are to die for.

To garnish the proposal, all this is served accompanied by a great atmosphere and indescribable sunsets, the kind you can't resist posting on Instagram.

Eventually they organise events such as live performances, DJ sessions, brunch with friends...

How could it not be among our favourite places? Highly recommended! 😍👌

When a sunrise or sunset does not provoke any emotion, it means that the soul is sick.